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Rooftop Dining: Serra by Birreria

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I've heard of Eataly before. But I had never heard of Serra by Birreria- a hidden rooftop gem located right in New York’s Flatiron District. Where has it been my entire life?

I'm a sucker for good eats with a good view, so when I discovered this restaurant online I knew Alex and I had to come here for our brunch session (we're both very big eaters). Here's my review:

  • The Place: 10/10. I loved the ambiance of Serra by Birreria. At first I was confused as to how we were supposed to get there. We wandered around Eataly for a little bit (admiring the market) before asking one of the staff. After that it was easy to find and there was a tiny hallway with an elevator that led 14 floors up to the restaurant. It seemed like a fun little gateway into a hidden oasis, Narnia style. The decorations were up to par (although I would have liked one of the seasonal decorations) with my expectations and the place was warm enough for me to reveal my pretty little dress for cute pictures (the usual). I would have liked a window seating but I actually enjoyed the middle aisle and being able to see everything around me. The place had a decent amount of people but it was just right so that you could hear the other person sitting next to or in front of you.

  • The Food: 8/10. We each ordered a salad and a main platter filled with meat, cheese, and other delicacies. The salad wasn't mind blowing but it made for a pleasant, palatable companion to the meat platter. I'm not a very big meat girl, but the slices were extremely delicious and more so when you paired it with bread and topped it with cheese. Speaking of, the bread was delicious (I wish they gave us more) and the ricotta cheese was my absolute favorite. Here and there I just scooped it up with my fork and ate it by itself. At first I thought the fruit jelly (that tasted of peach, tangerine, and orange) was a weird addition but I found myself adding more onto my bread-and-meat bites. The only con was one of the cheese- we were given two different types, and one of them was really hard and difficult to chew. Personally I prefer soft, chewy cheese but if that's your cup of tea you may enjoy it. Some of the other additions were grapes and sweet red onion- all in all I think all of the compliments to the meat platter were very well-placed into the menu. By the end of it all there really wasn't anything left apart from the oil left by the ricotta and small crumbs. I told you Alex and I were big eaters.

Bonus: Since I was at an Italian restaurant, after all, I got a cappuccino while waiting for our food. It was delicious after I added my usual milk and sugar but not the best cup I've had. Also, Serra by Birreria is known more for their alcoholic drinks that I think would also compliment the food pretty well so I would recommend getting one of those if you're of age.

  • The Service: 7/10. As expected, New York service can be a bit slow at times because of the high volume of customers, but nothing about the service deterred me from liking the place. Our server was really kind and stopped by our table multiple times, although my milk and sugar took a bit longer than usual to be delivered. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable experience.

Verdict: 9/10. Although the place is more on the costly side, I still had one of my best meals and laughs with Alex at the place. For the view, ambiance, food, and cost of around $30-40 per person, I would say it's worth a brunch for a special occasion, a birthday brunch, or get together. Plus, if you're looking for a worthy mini insta-photoshoot, this place won't fail to deliver. Happy eating!

- Janice L.

Address: 200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010, USA

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