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Get To Know Me

Hi there! My name is Janice, and I'm a space, tech, and coffee enthusiast studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers University. I'm always looking for ways to have fun, make new friends, and learn everyone else's stories. So here's mine.


A Quick History



My first time traveling was when I was five years old. Every summer, my family went to South Korea to visit family and family friends. As a kid, I took splashing through the public water parks, grabbing strawberry milk at convenience stores, and sleeping on floor mats (the Korean way) all for granted. After a long halt, I began traveling again- this time without parental guidance- with friends in high school for debate trips and skipping prom.

I loved the freedom I had when traveling. It gave me the ability to learn and make mistakes from venturing in unknown places as a young adult. This summer, I visited South Korea again to sharpen my Korean language at Yonsei University and I was awestruck by how much the country had changed and developed. From extremely efficient and clean buildings, 3-floored VR zones, to the cutest Racoon Cafes, it was everything that I wished the United States had. I also met some of the best people in my life who I still keep in touch with today. My time there had felt like a dream but I didn't want it to stop.  I wanted to start working as soon as possible to save up for future trips. But as it turns out, being a student comes with perks.


As a business student, the university pays for business competitions that include going long distances. And with enough effort, you'll find that entering these competitions come with a lot of benefits. This March (before COVID-19 struck), my team and I were to fly out to Monterrey, Mexico to pitch our idea for the Hult Prize Competition. And in April, I was supposed to be in Massachusetts to market a passion project of mine in the Draper Competition (Massachusetts isn't very far, but hey as a New Jerseyan I'm easily excited). Although I was a little disappointed, safety comes first and there are many more opportunities!

Fast forward to today, and I'm no travel guru but I'm always down for adventures and seeking opportunities to grab a flight. 

AfterlightImage (11).jpg

My Travel Style

I would say I'm a solo traveler, but I'm blessed to have my travel companion and boyfriend join me on many of my trips (that's how we met, after all). I tend to be drawn to the city where there are lots of people, lights, and sights. I love getting to know locals or exchange students, visiting cute cafes, high skylines, and libraries. Because I am still a university student, I lean more on tight budgets, but I don't shy away from exciting opportunities that may cost more, say Backpacking, cruises, or fine dining on the 100th floor.

All in all, I love the city life and walking around until I've seen it all. I like to go where the adventures are and I don't mind climbing 2000 steps to get to the view I want.


My Mission

My main goal for this blog is to create a place where people can learn from my experiences and mistakes. As a business student, my goals are: 

  • to share my honest career/university tips and tricks that I learned outside the classroom

  • to help other students learn about entrepreneurship, new opportunities, and relevant global events

My travel goals, on the other hand, are much simpler:

  • making  friends and unforgettable memories

Thank you for reading this far and enjoying my blog. I plan to share more tips and tricks, hacks, and advice soon. Happy reading!

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